Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quick guide on turning your mobile phone into a casino for playing online poker

When everyone was shifting from traditional brick and mortar casinos to online poker sites, the world thought that was the only major shift ever done in the gambling world. Sorry but recently, the Internet is abuzz with stories on how a big mass is shifting from localized places of play like arcade places and cyber cafes to PC and mobile phones. Once they are done with this move, questions they can not evade start to linger in their minds. Toping this list of questions is whether to play at an online poker room or use a mobile application or site. In an effort to help gamblers complete this move, below is an analyzed coverage about both poker sites and mobile applications. To begin with is the poker sites.

Mobile online poker sites.

Poker sites are the core of gambling since they are the source of the applications which others prefer. Sites too are sole determinants on the quality of games offered. A number of top players have described various ways on finding a reliable site to gamble in. However, after analyzing all their methods, we have a quick summary on finding a reliable gambling site.

1. Check the screen layout and features.

First appearance does not matter on job interviews only but on sites too. A good looking site that has super features for easy navigation wins a lot of likes from clients. It is an indication on the level of dedication the management has in building their customer base. A poor looking site is a no go zone.

2. Quick response from their customer support.

More than 90% of visitors on a new site are new so once in a while they will seek guidance and consultation from the customer support team. A quick customer support team indicates they are in for a serious job rather than let potential clients wander away without having a word with them.

3. Partnership with big companies.

These companies should be involved in related issues such as money transactions, network support and application development. If a site is affiliated to big companies then worry not because you are gambling in the right place.

Benefits of gambling in a site.

Live chat support.

Chatting is the best form of communication for those doing business online. These chats are however supported to be done live in that with the aid of Internet connection you can text or even video call with other players when playing online poke sites at some sites.

Easy navigation.

Navigating from one feature to another is easy since upon clicking some link, a whole new page is loaded into your screen

Mobile online poker applications.

Though they are applications, they are still referred to as online since they allow data transmission to others through Internet connectivity. However, the difference between these applications and site games is that applications support games even without not connection. Nevertheless, they also have special features that can extract information about your opponents from various sites to help you understand different games. Third, they also can review your hand. Below are tips on how to choose an online poker mobile application.

Consider recommendations from players.

Players are the best people to seek recommendation from since they must have tested the application before telling you about it. Have a list of applications before proceeding to download them. To shortlist the best, tick them against the number of times they have been mentioned by players then give the best a try.

Review from players and application developers.

Review work like recommendations only that review are more precise since a number of different players have their opinions compiled to release an average rating. Yes, a rating is given to each site the application is from while the application too is rated independently. These review might too be provided by consumer regulatory bodies. So before enrolling as a member of a certain site to download their application, ensure you have settled for the best.

Application or site? You have enough reasons to make you final decision. With any of the two, you can not only play omaha or hold'em but lots of other poker games available. It joy to the whole online poker community to see the number of players increase without ever stagnating and the increase starts with you!

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