Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quick guide on turning your mobile phone into a casino for playing online poker

When everyone was shifting from traditional brick and mortar casinos to online poker sites, the world thought that was the only major shift ever done in the gambling world. Sorry but recently, the Internet is abuzz with stories on how a big mass is shifting from localized places of play like arcade places and cyber cafes to PC and mobile phones. Once they are done with this move, questions they can not evade start to linger in their minds. Toping this list of questions is whether to play at an online poker room or use a mobile application or site. In an effort to help gamblers complete this move, below is an analyzed coverage about both poker sites and mobile applications. To begin with is the poker sites.

Mobile online poker sites.

Poker sites are the core of gambling since they are the source of the applications which others prefer. Sites too are sole determinants on the quality of games offered. A number of top players have described various ways on finding a reliable site to gamble in. However, after analyzing all their methods, we have a quick summary on finding a reliable gambling site.

1. Check the screen layout and features.

First appearance does not matter on job interviews only but on sites too. A good looking site that has super features for easy navigation wins a lot of likes from clients. It is an indication on the level of dedication the management has in building their customer base. A poor looking site is a no go zone.

2. Quick response from their customer support.

More than 90% of visitors on a new site are new so once in a while they will seek guidance and consultation from the customer support team. A quick customer support team indicates they are in for a serious job rather than let potential clients wander away without having a word with them.

3. Partnership with big companies.

These companies should be involved in related issues such as money transactions, network support and application development. If a site is affiliated to big companies then worry not because you are gambling in the right place.

Benefits of gambling in a site.

Live chat support.

Chatting is the best form of communication for those doing business online. These chats are however supported to be done live in that with the aid of Internet connection you can text or even video call with other players when playing online poke sites at some sites.

Easy navigation.

Navigating from one feature to another is easy since upon clicking some link, a whole new page is loaded into your screen

Mobile online poker applications.

Though they are applications, they are still referred to as online since they allow data transmission to others through Internet connectivity. However, the difference between these applications and site games is that applications support games even without not connection. Nevertheless, they also have special features that can extract information about your opponents from various sites to help you understand different games. Third, they also can review your hand. Below are tips on how to choose an online poker mobile application.

Consider recommendations from players.

Players are the best people to seek recommendation from since they must have tested the application before telling you about it. Have a list of applications before proceeding to download them. To shortlist the best, tick them against the number of times they have been mentioned by players then give the best a try.

Review from players and application developers.

Review work like recommendations only that review are more precise since a number of different players have their opinions compiled to release an average rating. Yes, a rating is given to each site the application is from while the application too is rated independently. These review might too be provided by consumer regulatory bodies. So before enrolling as a member of a certain site to download their application, ensure you have settled for the best.

Application or site? You have enough reasons to make you final decision. With any of the two, you can not only play omaha or hold'em but lots of other poker games available. It joy to the whole online poker community to see the number of players increase without ever stagnating and the increase starts with you!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Basics of Online Poker

Poker is a game involving the use of cards and has become increasingly popular over the last decade due to it being featured in the World Series of Poker and movies such as Rounders. Often, many people perceive that poker is easy to learn but the difficulty is on how to master it. Getting to master a poker game is needs you to have such strategies as; playing a tight game, being aggressive in the game, switch the game randomly and always take advantage of any mistakes done by your opponent. Here are the commonly used terms in the online poker game;

It is used to represent that minimum amount you must gamble in order to get the chance to enter into the action of the game.

This is money, often in chip form that must be placed on the table before the cards shuffled. Blinds are usually in two forms; the small and the big blinds and are essential in ensuring that money is wagered with both hands.

This is indicates that the players have accepted and are willing to match the amount that is already raised.

It is a term used when no new wager and the player has no wish to raise.

This is a term used when the player wants to increase the bet already on the table

Now that you have the grasp of the terms used in the online poker game, it is prudent that you also get to know the various types of online poker games available today;

Texas Hold Em
This is one of the most popular and loved online game today. In this game, players are dealt two hole or pocket cards after which they wait until 5 community cards are revealed. In this type of poker game, betting is incorporated in four rounds: once after all the hole cards are dealt, once after revealing three community cards, once after revealing the fourth community card, and finally after flipping the fifth community card. This calls for players to make their best hands by combining any cards; communal and the hole cards.

7-Card Stud
This is a game where each player is dealt 7 cards, four up and three down. It calls for the players to make the best 5-card hand from the 7 cards he/she is dealt.

This is a game that resembles Hold’ Em and allows for 2-10 players to play at a time. In this game, each player is dealt four hole cards and the 5 community cards are revealed immediately. From 3 of the communal and2 of the hole cards, players should try as much as possible to make their best 5-card.Just like Hold Em, betting takes place in four rounds.

5-Card Draw
In this game every player is dealt 5 cards but gives the player the option to trade in up to 3 of the cards.

High / Low Chicago
In high Chicago, that player with the highest spade face-down is declared the winner of half the pot while in low-Chicago, that player with lowest spade face-down is declared the winner of half the pot.

Follow the Queen
This is a stud online poker game involving the use 7 cards with the restriction that if the player does not flip the queen then there are no wild cards that hand.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How to Earn That Cash By Playing Poker

Gambling is a recreation for some but full time job. Can playing poker really give you enough cash to cater for your needs and bills? With the increasing joblessness, online gaming has been considered a job by many people. Some even let their family members know of it even after graduating from a top university. Below is a breakdown on how to cash in heavily by playing poker at online casinos.

Shop for the Best hardwares.

You will definitely need a gadget with Internet connectivity be it a tablet or laptop. These gadgets should boast of powerful operating systems to ensure a smooth play. The screen need be of LED than LCD due to clarity of graphics. Sounds should be audible without any blur.
Furniture should be standard.

Standard does not mean that the furniture be of moderate quality but ergonomic and comfortable. Seats to be specific should have a comfy headrest and armrest since playing poker can take hours. For extra comfort, shop for a reclining and mobile seat with tires that can help you move in the room with great ease.

Fast Internet connectivity.

Internet connectivity is the backbone of online gaming. A slow Internet connection can be tricky if the opponent is quite smart. It gives them a chance to think and calculate your chances of winning or losing. Be it a phone or computer, the connection should be fast and reliable enough to ensure a fast play.

Once a player has purchased the above hardware, there is more left to do before enrolling at an online poker room. Among the top considerations is support. People are always critical about gamblers since in the past it was associated with vices. However, the modern gambler is anonymous so it's no surprise to find managers among the top gamblers with avatar profiles. Below are the ways which one can earn by being a poker player.

Availability of bonus.

There are different types of bonuses. Among the profitable ones are sign up and deposit bonuses. Sign up is categorized into two; no deposit sign up bonus and deposit sign up bonus. No deposit applies to the sites which require new applicants to register freely while deposit bonus is for the sites which ask for a deposit when signing up. However, the latter is more profitable than the first hence you are advised to register in sites asking for a deposit.

Promo codes.

These are promotion codes that unlock more tournaments which extend to physical places such as Vegas. Though very few people get a chance to unlock major promo codes, the few who do get a thrilling experience of their lifetime. With the rise in poker lovers and players, the promo codes are easily accessible but divided into limits so that every player; novice or pro get to enjoy the promo too.

In a nutshell, you can cash in from poker easily than an employed person. Did I say that you are your own boss when it comes to gambling? Yes, you get to structure your gaming timetable independently. Join an online poker room and be part of a lively gaming community.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why online poker is becoming unbeatable and tough for the new gamblers

Online poker has notably hardened. Unlike 2003 when it started gaining popularity and players had a way of earning an extra, players break a sweat to make a win. Modes of play keep on changing, chances of winning keep on thinning and only the pro players survive. Just like it is a cause-and-effect game, the reasons behind this hardening of poker play can be explained as effect of some causes.

Why online poker is getting tougher day after day?

Production of unbeatable games.
Poker games have for centuries been easy to play. For a few decades, with the mass exodus from physical rooms to virtual poker rooms, online poker attracted so much players, both novice and pros. However, since legalization of poker in the U.S, many software versions powering the games have harden the plays. What was played for recreation became a hustle for many. New players "lost" their money during sign up only to fall prey of super pros. However, with the increased players came unbeatable games that locked out so many players. Losers had no option tan to quit, novice too had to try once then give up and pros had their margin shrink due to the few players still having some love for poker.

Improving poker players.
For every work or action done, there is always an expected decline or improvement. When it comes to poker, players are increasingly gaining expertise and growing tactical every day.The propellant of this improvement is the Internet. With a lot of resources to offers, players are always online researching on ways to improve their poker play. Training websites are coming up that offer players free or chargeable training. Online casinos too help them by offering free games to try their acquired skills. It is no news that players gang up and form forums that let them share great tips and tricks. This enlightenment has greatly narrowed the information gap between an online poker pro and novice.

High cost of operating online poker rooms.
Legalization brought more good than harm, thanks to the regulating authorities. Sites which were operating on small scale had to grow and accommodate the surging number of players. What used to be free had to become chargeable. This include tournaments registrations. States too came up with laws demanding tax on every cash won so casino managements increased some fees to ensure the online poker rooms operate smoothly. By increasing fees, players are then forced to play on small stake games an tournaments since it is what they can afford. Those who played for recreation had to quit since what seemed to be fun also became costly.

Even with the increased toughness and unbeatable status, online poker still attracts so many people. Unlike the traditional poker rooms where one had to be loaded with so much cash before calling for a play, the online rooms are cheaper. Since you don't have to risk so much money, you can easily play any game without worrying of a big loss when you lose. Moreover, players have a chance to watch other top players play at very cheap rates online either live or recorded downloads. Such ease reduces the pressure piling up for new players since they can accustom themselves with the softwares and games even before calling for a serious bet.

Variety of poker games too is behind the popularity of this gambling game. Though nearly all games are tough to play, being given an option to opt for is better than playing the only one game offered. Sampling games is so much fun that many people end up playing different games from what they knew before or intended to play. Thanks to the innovative minds and creative guys behind the game productions. Variety not only is fun but lets players enroll at various casinos offloading the popular poker rooms.

In a nutshell, before considering to join the gambling community, one should be ready to kick off another long and adventurous journey. Gambling by playing poker at online casinos is a journey of losing and winning. These tow being the expected results, you should however, seek thrill and fun since it is a mind game that lets you see how creative and smart you are. Brave the toughness and unbeatable status and become the reigning poker champ.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tidbits on Becoming an Online Poker Pro

Being crowned "Poker Pro" is always striking. Though it's every players wish, the title is hardly achieved by many. This does not mean that being pro is reserved for a chosen few, no. Any player can up their game and cherish being king of the on line poker jungle. Below are three quick tips that need to be put into action to climb successfully up the poker food chain. However,being a pro is a journey through thick and thin, not a hundred-meter dash.

Clearly limit your game in line with your bankroll.
Online poker is far different from the traditional brick and mortar in regard to wager and bets. The first requires a virtual wallet which might be for real money or cryptocurrencies while the latter heavily depends on real cash. So the online version heavily depends on your earnings and savings since you have to load your poker account with money from your bank account. This is kinda tricky since there is higher risks of going broke due to the instant transactions. To keep afloat, a player needs to set out a clear outline of the betting budget that is manageable.

Regulate you poker balance monitoring.
Though a string of wins translate into lots of money, a single losing might take from you what took weeks to accumulate. This might break a player emotionally to a level of affecting their game negatively. To avoid this, a player needs not to check the balance or bankroll from time to time. To avoid this, one should play like it's their last play and dedicate both their time and self in the game since money is not the epitome of gambling, but wins and getting to play more tables. Though loses are unavoidable, one needs not to monitor the balance before or after each game since it might build their esteems temporarily or break them permanently.

Your human needs should be kept in check.
Playing online poker from the comfort of your home should be enjoyable. You a human player and your physical, emotional and mental state should be of the highest state. By this it means no player should play when hungry or thirsty since this discomfort will affect their game. Not only that but any distraction should be minimized or eliminated completely for peace of mind and concentration. Third is you gaming posture. You need to settle for the best furniture that is upright and ergonomic. Moreover, the screen glare and game sound effects need to be monitored. Lastly is exhaustion. Not once should you play while exhausted since a dumb move might cost you the game.

To be a pro, should settle for the most compatible form of online poker. Choosing among the many optioned offered by leading sites should be done wisely. To effectively play poker online, there is need to choose if too play it live on the Internet or using a downloaded application. Another choice to make is in regard to your convenience; should you play it from your computer or mobile phone? Third, you need to choose whether to play real money or bitcoin games. With the three choices made wisely, you are set for the next last which is playing. However,some light is shed into the available forms of games available as listed below.

  • Windows compatible poker games. These are games that are offered by sites which allow playing from computers and phones running on windows software. They might be downloaded applications but majority are live games.
  • Android games. With the increase in usage of android gadgets; smart-phones and tablets, sites provide applications that allows playing of poker from the gadgets. However, the android version matters.
  • I-phone and I-pad games. the surging apple users too have been considered hence some sites have applications that run on i-phones to allow a smooth play.
  • Mac gaming sites. Macintosh have been for years upgrading their compatibility thus some sites offers mac users a chance to use their gadgets as tools of play.
  • Linus gaming sites. Not once have been linux users been sidelined due to the hard usage of the linux operated machines. Though still playing these games are easy to those who prefer th machines, there are poker rooms for them too.

In a nutshell, playing online poker is the best online venture that you can choose to venture in. Be it for entertainment or as a career, it has profitable returns for you.Now get up and claim you poker pro crown, show the world your unmatched skills, let your skill be you key to unlocking huge bonuses as a pro.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Poker Stars - Biggest Online Poker Tournament of All Time

200,000 players competed in the online tournament for the first prize worth $ 50,000

PokerStars is the property of Rational Entertainment Enterprises Limited Group, and operates online since 2001. It is the largest worldwide pokers site that has over 35 million registered users. They have the best poker software, which is considered the most realistic simulation of real poker.

Poker Stars review - inform you that PokerStars has crashed previous world record for the largest online poker tournament. 200,000 players signed up and paid $ 1. By participating in No Limit Hold'em tournament, placed a new Guinness World Record for the largest number of players in one online poker tournament!

"Online poker is very popular because it allows thousands of ordinary players to compete in the same tournament with the world's best poker players and gives them a chance to become the stars of poker," pointed out Fatima Moreira de Melo, winner of the Olympic gold medal in hockey and a member of Team Poker Stars online poker game nicknamed "FatimaDeMelo."

Fatima joined the celebration of the World record in the Hilton Hotel in Prague, which is the last stop European Poker Tour. Gaz Deaves - official Guinness World Records judge, also joined. He is, by this gesture, confirmed that Poker Stars set a new world record.

"Sokoluk1991" from Russia won the tournament and won the first prize after seven games and exciting final table. Players from around the world gathered at this historic tournament, confirming the popularity of online poker and proving that plays across linguistic and cultural barriers.
Radio broadcasts Poker Stars World Record Tournament broadcasted live the tournament and successfully evoke the exciting atmosphere. WCOOP Radio duo Nick Wealthal and Joe Stapleton l, during a broadcast distributed hundreds of awards for listeners.

Tournament devoted to break world record appropriately marked the beginning of the official launch celebration as part of the 10th anniversary of Poker Stars, which lasted until December 18 This included $ 10 million worth of tournament - the Sunday Million on the occasion of the 10th anniversary. Thanks to gifts related to the 10th anniversary, all players were able to win one of 100 trips to the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure in January.

Poker Stars celebrates its 10th anniversary and offers more than $ 10 million in prizes

This December Poker Stars celebrates its 10th anniversary, a birthday event will celebrate a series of promotions and tournaments that bring more than $ 10 million in prizes, including 100 annual vacation of your dreams in the Bahamas, where will be held the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure.
Poker Stars has announced two events, while other promotions will notify in the coming weeks.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Poker Stars will include various events and promotions. Players will be able to participate in tournaments, but also in non-tournament games with a wide range of roles - from micro up to the games at the highest levels

"It is amazing that for 10 years have passed! I am very proud of my cooperation with Poker Stars. The 10th anniversary is an extraordinary and special occasion! "Said Team Poker Stars Pro Daniel Negreanu. "Players expect a large number of prizes for budgets of all sizes, with additional gifts, but the Sunday Million, which guarantees 10 million $ ."

Donation package for Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure

The celebration begins with the promotion of "Gifts for the 10th anniversary" - a series of free roll tournaments that will enable players to qualify for the PCA Weekly Finals and win one of as many as 100 packages worth $ 15,000, which lead them to the ninth annual Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. In addition, players were able to win and 10,000 different cash prizes.

To remind that the PCA, the biggest festival of poker outside of Las Vegas, offered accommodation in the Bahamas, the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Therefore package that the ladies could win via satellite qualifications were - three nights at the Atlantis Resort and $ 1,000 for travel expenses.
Free roll tournaments were held on Poker Stars every 10 minutes, and the players were able to participate in one free roll a day. The top ten players in each tournament qualified directly to the weekly finals. Players were also able to participate in qualifying tournaments for FPP (Frequent Player Points) points and satellites with buy-ins from 1 $.
10.000.000 $ Sunday Million!

The second major event was a celebratory 10 $ million - Sunday Million. Poker Stars. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the players were offered with the biggest ever guaranteed total prize at the most popular weekly event, with the usual buy-in of 215 $.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

12 Important Tips on How to Win Online Poker Game

What is Poker all about?

The game of poker has gained popularity in recent times. It is mainly played in large casinos, where professional players in the game participate to win tournament prizes worth more than billion dollars. It is a game of cards, involving betting as well as individual play. In this game the winner is decided on the basis of ranks that the individual has achieved in the game. Also, players’ card combination also is an important parameter in judging the winner. Some of the card combination remains concealed till the very end of the game. 

The game is all about the number of cards dealt, the number of cards shared, and the number of such items that remain hidden. The betting methods vary from game to game. In the age of the web online poker is also popular along with that played in casinos. Individuals playing it using the web always think about how to win online poker game?

Tips to Win the Poker Game
There are a few tips to win online poker game. Adopting such tips allow the player to have a good control over the game. Some of them are discussed as below.

It is prudent to start the game at the low stakes.
Both novices and experts in the game should commence the game with lower stakes. The objective of adopting such a policy is to get familiar with the variation associated with the game. One needs to play the game with smaller and smaller bank rolls.

Try to gain as much knowledge about the ways and means to play the game online.
There are certain aspects of playing online poker that a player needs to take into consideration. For instance, players need to understand certain features like the time bank that is associated with the modern version of the game in order to be successful.

Start the game by playing on a single table.
Multi-table playing is for the experts in the game. For the beginners, novice it is always advised to start with a single table. Players adept in playing single table games can switch to multi-table games after playing single table for some time.

The playing zone needs to be free from any type of distraction.
Unlike playing in a physical table, playing casino online can be full of distractions. It is observed that online players often watch television, or do other things while playing the game. This practice needs to be avoided to win the game.

Make a few important hardware updates.
Online poker involves sitting hours in front of the computer. Therefore, the player needs to invest on specially designed chairs to add comfort while playing. Also, instead of using a laptop, if gamers use desktop, then the chances of winning the game get boosted.

The work area needs to have a positive environment.
The playing environment needs to be suitable for the game. There should be a refrigerator, filled with drinks so that the gamer can relish them while playing the game. The presence of a playlist of songs enables playing the game while listening to it. This increases participant’s performance.

Make the best use of the software functionality available.
It is always better to use software that guides an online contestant in the poker game adequately. Such software enables the player to perform well, thereby augmenting the chances of performing in the game.

If software is required then purchase them.
Proper gaming software with all the updated features of the game is essential. If it is available on the web then it is advisable to procure it. In case it is premium software then purchasing it is a good idea.

If there is options for free software besides premium software for online poker then use the former.
The web is full of quality open source software on poker. But one needs to have the patience to explore the software in the internet.

Use that online poker playing software that enhances a novice’s playing skill.
One needs to use software that increases his skill in the game. Therefore, such software needs to be used that helps to improve the player’s skill in the game.

Use the Tips to be a Winner in Poker
The game of poker is interesting but needs to be played attentively, especially online in order to get good results. Therefore, for enthusiasts contemplating on how to win online poker game needs to consider the tips associated with winning the game in order to get the desired results.